University Town Islamabad


University town is a housing scheme owned by a professor belonging from Peshawar, Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan. It is highly said if a person keeps struggling he will, however, get success in his life in a very short period. Mr. Abdul Aziz khan did his best to make this housing scheme a rising star amongst the experienced businessmen in the real estate market. He proved that ability and travail need no experience. University town has peaceful and relaxing surroundings. There are eye-catching and attractive views. The lush greenery makes a place in everyone’s heart at first sight. After visiting this town you will, of course, make a plan to buy a plot for you to enjoy this peaceful life.

About the Developer

The project interposed by Mr. Abdul Aziz is like a blessing for every person who wants to be a part of a society where each necessary facility available at an affordable price. Not only its surroundings are beautiful but there are any more facilities to let everyone have a modern and superior lifestyle. The main problems for a living are choosing a place to build a house and features to facilitate life.

Such schemes are planned to just facilitate and allow the middle-class people a comfortable life. The pricing plan in this project is maintained according to the middle-class category. Like everyone a middle-class person also has a dream to live a better life in the price he affords. He manages his daily expenses just to have the desired life. For this purpose University Town has planned. Same as this another town named ICHS Town has been introduced the features in both societies are similar enough.


University town is situated on Kashmir highway close to Lahore and Islamabad motorway interchange. It is 5 minutes away from the new Islamabad airport. The stunning location of this society is on just 10 minutes’ drive from zero points. The exact selling point of this society is on the Kashmir highway link road before the toll plaza. It is comparatively near to Islamabad CDA’s region, I-17, H-17, and G13. It is occupied by about 4500 Kanal. The society is situated on land was known as Bajnial district Rawalpindi before.

NOC Status:

University town Islamabad NOC:

This society has approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) on 09/05/2006. You can confirm this statement to visit the website of RDA.

University Town Blocks:

The town has A, B, C, D, E, and F blocks. Each block has its own beauty as well as a fabulous location. The work on these blocks has completed and half of the work is in progress. The total 6 blocks have occupied by around 4500 Kanal land.

In blocks A, B, and D are completely developed and the working process has been done even residents are living they are happy here. These blocks have parks, which have latest swings, benches, as well as many more things for kids. There are wide and carpeted roads which are decorated side plants and are cleanly constructed. The roads surrounded by side trees and plants and flowers keep its beauty constant and look fantastic as well as the lights on the sides of the roads are amazing. The blocks have constructed with concrete to make suitable vehicles. These well-constructed streets are wide and beautiful too. Here, lots of plots have been handed over to their customers as completed the development. Customers are delighted having their plots here with a beautiful condition as well as the businessmen are now reselling their plots also with a positive profit. Everyone is excited to have a plot here in the university town because of its views, supreme location, perfect development, and the very interesting thing is its balanced pricing plans. Each person can afford to buy a plot here and they are rapidly and constantly booking their plots.

In Block E 80% works are almost done the development process is the same here too. In block C 40% of work has been done with a perfect result and block F is under development initially. All the engineers are talented and the workers are experienced here. Their working is quick and best. The engineers have designed all the blocks according to their location and qualities to look perfect. They have maintained each block according to its nature and gave shape which attracts everyone in the first visit. Workers use very advanced and heavy machinery. The development planning frame for all the blocks is 1 or 1.5 years.

The beauty and comfort of this society have its own name in the market. And the credit is, of course, goes to the well-experienced engineers and workers as well as the officials.

In block A, B, D the possessions are available on an immediate basis and in block E possession will take 6 months to 1years because of its remaining development and in block C and F the possession will take longer a bit but it will not be longer than 1.5 years which is not that long.

University Town Features:

As everyone has a dream to live a life without any tension and problem of life. Each one will, of course, try to purchase a plot or house where there is no similar problem which can make him feel insecure. For this purpose, they find a place or society and choose a location where they can live secure and relax. Parents want their children to grow healthy and well-mannered they want their children to get a better education and make a good career in the future. Facilities mean that there should be no lake of features that makes life incomplete, like hospitals, schools, parks, shopping malls, health clubs, etc. the university town has some main features which need to be discussed here.

  • Jamia and Sector Mosques

The town has very interesting features in its project. First, a very important thing will mention here, it has beautifully constructed Jamia and sector mosques where residents can walk in anytime. The mosques have 24 warm water for ablution. It has a furnished and perfect setting for paying prayers,

  • Hospital

For avoiding health problems and quick and advanced treatment facilities, there are very classy hospitals with lots of wards and opts as well as a number of cleaners and sweepers 24hours with the best nursing staff. The hospitals have very latest and advanced technologies with highly experienced doctors. There are many medical stores also where any type of medicines and tablets can be purchased. A person can only be healthy with a proper diet, exercise and walk on a daily basis.

  • Parks and Walking Tracks

There are parks and walking tracks surrounded by colorful different kinds of flowers, plants, and trees. The very important thing is our kids. If they are happy and live a healthy life it gives calm. The society has many parks with the latest swings and benches and many more, where children can play and grow with healthy physic. For parents, the main problems are their children’s health and their education and career. There are also playgrounds where children play different outdoor games like cricket, football, hockey, etc.

  • Best Educational Facilities

For children’s best education and a better career, the University Town has best schools on the front location from where the pick n drop will be easy and safe, the schools have brilliant teachers and creative learning methods, it has advanced projector systems to make kids creative and sharp mind. The school has well-mannered rules and regulations as well as a second-time tuition system.

  • Wide Network of Roads & Metro Bus Route

The society has a 72’ wide avenue and 35’ wide roads which remove the problems of transport and let everyone travel peacefully. The wide roads and avenues give beauty and interest to the society. In view of security aspects of this town, it is a gated community and it is a positive thing for securing its residents because first of the entire facilities people see the security of a society. It has a single-entry security system where every single person will be checked while entering society for security. There is a metro route also.

  • Clean Supply of Water

Water is a must for all human beings including animals. Without water we are nothing. In this regard, the university town has an extensive water supply. The supply of water creates the main problem and residents feel tensed so that the officials mentioned this solution first in this plan.

  • Garbage Disposal System

Cleanliness means a lot for a healthy life and why not, each person also wants to stay healthy. To avoid the dirt and maintain the garbage disposal there are some stations in the society to collect the garbage and dispose of it. The project has managed the precautions of it’s resident’s life also to fix underground electricity as well as to keep it covered with proper fixation of lines are in the first important steps of the better remarks for this project.

  • 24-hour supply of Sui Gas

To live a life without cooking proper arrangements is quite hard and difficult to survive. The women have to face lots of problems without this facility so that we arranged 24 hours of Sui gas. In this way, it will facilitate our residents to use Sui gas at any time.

  • Clubs and Community Centers

There are clubs and community centers where anyone can come and enjoy. The society has a car parking area also which is secure and wide. People are also in search of a society where the facility of the commercial zone.

  • Commercial Zone and Shopping Centers

It has a zone where every kind of shop and market or shopping malls with the latest and updated brands are available. As well as it has restaurants where 24 hours of home delivery will be available for any type of order. And of course, it is a grand opportunity for every person who loves fast food.

  • Community & Business Centers

In a society, people need to meet at a place for many kinds of reasons like social events, education classes, or recreation enterprises. For this purpose, we have planned a community center where each of them can have a meeting discuss their ideas and talk with each other on many problems and solutions in their lives. The businessmen can also have special meetings to discuss or deal with their trade and businesses.

  • Gym and Sports Center

For indoor games or sports including gyms etc., there is a big hall where residents can come and enjoy their spare time to play indoor games and do exercise. There is also a setup of bodybuilding for youth to attain their aim to be a bodybuilder or to join wrestling etc. the indoor games are also necessary part of our life because it is a way we can stay healthy as well as to realize in what field we are able to make a career it is a chance to make sure that we have abilities and we have to polish them. Our abilities let us a successful person but without practice we are nothing.

  • Community Hall

The Halls like this is always an important part of each society like this. Every scheme must include this thing in their projects.

  • Internal Public Transport System

And the last thing is which means a lot at any place where we live. That is a conflict-free transport line and public transports. The society has its public transport which is trained to keep calm and protection. The vehicles which are used for transport are well checked and in new neat conditions. The drivers are instructed to keep their automobiles facilitate and clean. There must be AC, no mess and gentle dealing with their passengers.

Prices and plane of university town:

The university town has a fabulous pricing plan which everyone can afford. Like if a middle-class person wishes to live here and enjoy the pleasant life here, he can be able to avail of this opportunity. The owner of this society took this step just for them he said if a middle-class person dream, he has the wish to live life in a society like this so why not we can make a better opportunity for them. For this purpose, he created and generated this idea. The whole team of this project including its talented engineers just wanted to make a place like heaven for each category persons. In the point of view of this project is that everyone has a right to live a facilitate life.

University Town Prices:

The prices are according to each block, its development and its status or possessions. We are starting the rates on the demand of investors for your better understandings of ongoing rates.

  • Residential Blocks:

For residential plots in blocks A, B and D the plots are available for possession and

    • 5Marla costs 18 to 22 lac PKR,
    • 10Marla 25 -33 lac PKR,
    • 1Kanal 42-60 lac PKR.

In block C, E and F the possession are not available yet but will be after development completion in these blocks

    • 5Marla costs 11-16 lac PKR,
    • 10Marla 17-25 lac PKR, and
    • 1Kanal costs 30-42 lac PKR only.
  • Commercial Plots:

For commercial plots registration fee will be the same for all plots and there is an interesting installment plan for the investors which starts from 25% down payment. For the plot size of

    • 66sq yd. will cost of 5,280,000, the booking will be in 4, 40,000/-
    • 116sq yd. plots cots 92, 80,000/-, the booking will be 7, 80,000/-
    • 177sq yd. plots cots 17, 70,000/-, the booking will be 15, 00,000/-
    • 266sq yd. plots cots 26,600,000/-, the booking will be 23, 30,000/-
    • The 355sq yd. plots cots 35,500,000/-, the booking will be 28, 00,000/-
    • The 444sq yd. plots cots 44,400,000/-, booking will be 37, 00,000/-

Allocation of all the above-mentioned plot sizes will be awarded  after 30 days of booking and confirmation will be given after 60 days of booking.

For all the plots the installment system will be 10 months. For 66sqyd plots the 10th quarterly installment is 396000×10, for 116sqyd its 694000×10, for 177sqyd its 132000×10, for 266syd its 196000×10, for 355sqyd its 270000×10 and for 444sqyd its 3330000×10.

Instructions for the buyers:

There is a 10% discount on full payment. All the extra charges will be payable within 180 days after booking. The allocation of the unit shall remain provisional until full and final payment is received by the builder. Documentation, electricity, gas, water supply, and telephone charges will be payable on the demand.

University Town- Future Prospects:

The housing society is attractive and worth investing your money in due to many attractive features and the opportunities it presents. During the tough times, the real estate industry in Pakistan has gone through in the last few years due to the changes in the government policies, this housing project has successfully managed stay afloat only due to its most alluring location.

However the project does not exhibit extravagant amenities and development plans, the location and the future prospects of University town are appealing. The prices offered in the region have not increased drastically but overall a significant increase is observed over the years leaving the investors with a good profit.

The management of the society finally realizing its potential, has considered making huge changes to improve the infrastructure and development work. The major aim of the housing scheme is to prove to the investors that this housing project is not just a great place to live in but is also a wonderful investment opportunity in terms of the facilities as well as the commercial opportunities the project can deliver.

The main attraction of this project is the magnificence of its surroundings and incredibly striking sights all around. Beautiful sights and economical prices of society have contributed to successfully capturing the attention of people looking for a peaceful place to reside in.

The unparalleled magnificence of the surroundings is its main key features and with the current pace of development along with the affordable prices offered for the properties in the project, University Town is to become one of the most beautiful and beneficial housing schemes in the making.

The experts who understand the real estate game and study the market carefully agree that this residential project however small compared to grand projects like Capital Smart City and Park View City Islamabad is a goldmine for its investors. The placement of the site right on the M-2 Motorway raises the stakes of this region ten times compared to its neighboring housing societies regardless of its minor flaws and fewer amenities. However simple the housing scheme provides its residents will all the basic necessities of life providing the most peaceful and serene environment to raise a family

Development Status of University Town Islamabad:

University town Islamabad is planned to facilitate its occupants with the state of the art civic amenities and fast development. More than 80% development has already been completed, the Blocks ‘A, B & D’ have been developed and plots have been allotted to the owners of the properties. Everyone is allowed to visit the site of University town to see the development work themselves and witness the steps taken by the developers to create an ultra-urbane environment in the project.

Let us now list down the development progress in detail to give you a better idea of work done in the society.

As mentioned earlier the 80% development has completed, Blocks ‘A, B & D’ are fully developed while the development work in the blocks C, E & F is ongoing at a fast pace. The details of the development for each of the blocks in the society are stated as follows:

  • E-block is 80% developed with only minor utility work remaining.
  • C block is almost 40% developed with ongoing earthwork
  •  F block is in its initial Development Stage

Development Work in Blocks A, B & D:

The Blocks A, B, and D are the developed blocks of society. People have built their dream houses and are enjoying a quality life. All the civic amenities are provided in the society including electricity, water, gas cylinders, carpeted streets and roads, street lights, playgrounds, parks with swings, commercial area, security and much more.

Development Work in Blocks E, F & C:

The blocks E, F & C are still in their development phase and the work is ongoing. 80% of development work in the society has completed in the E block and will soon be granted possession. The leveling and the cutting of plots have begun in the remaining two blocks. Most of the development work in the block C is completed up to 40%. The remaining development work will be completed in the coming 1 to 1.5 years.


The ownership of the plots available in the blocks A, B & D of UTI is given immediately because of the full development of the society. While for the rest of the blocks the possession will not be finalized until the full development work is completed .The Possession of the properties in E block will be granted in 6 months to 1 year while for the C & F blocks it is going to take a little longer.

The developers of the society are optimistic that the ownership in both the blocks C & F will be awarded no later than 1 to 1.5 years, which isn’t that long considering the development work required for modern housing societies.

University Town Islamabad FAQs:

Some of the most frequently asked questions about this society are answered as under:

Q- What is the total area of University Town?

Answer: The housing society is spanned over an area of 4500 Kanal near the M-2 Motorway.

Q-Where is the location of UTI?

Answer: University town is located on the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 Motorway on the service road of Kashmir Highway and can be accessed from the Kashmir link road.

Q-Who is the owner?

Answer: Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan, a university professor by profession is the owner of this auspicious housing project.

Q- What are the basic amenities available in the society?

Answer: The basic amenities provided by the society include underground electricity, gas, clean water, security, walled community, commercial area, parks, grounds, hospitals, roads, street lights, and footpaths are provided to the occupants of the society. Water storage tanks are also built throughout the housing society to provide for clean and drinking water in the society.

Q- Does the society offer plots on an installment plan?

Answer: The housing society does not offer residential plots on the installment plan as most of the plots are sold out and are now being traded with profit. You can purchase your plot by paying full price from the previous owner. The commercial properties are however available on an easy installment plan attached below:

Q- What size plots are available in society?

Answer: 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots standard size plots are available in the residential blocks of the society and 2 Marla, 4 Marla, 6 Marla, 8 Marla 12 Marla and 14 Marla commercial plots are available.

Q- Is it better to buy a residential plot or commercial plot in University Town?

Answer: The housing project is beneficial for both residential and commercial properties. Both the options are extremely fruitful and provide for a good living and working choices.

Q- When will the development work be completed in the project?

Answer: The management and the developers are hopeful that the work in the project will be completed in the time frame of next 2 years. All the plots will be given possession and the entire progress of the infrastructure will be finished by then.

Q-What is the given possession time?

Answer: The possession in the blocks A, B, and D is granted immediately, while the society is predicting that it will take from 6 months to 1.5 years for the possession for the developing blocks C, E & F.


The university town means a lot to everyone. It has features according to the demand of people as well as the budget it consists of is also a useful chance for investors and businessmen it is a useful opportunity for the middle-class category also. They will have a beautifully located plot and built a house as per their desire. They will be able to have a life of this heaven system which may be possibly a reason for success for every person who will come first and book his plot. In this way, you will get the front and best location. Living in such a society is a chance to feel your tension free life.

In the real estate market, there are lots of companies and groups which present the projects to keep their and other’s profit growth, as well as, maintaining a facilitate life of its resident’s life. These societies always offer their investors beneficial results, for example, Capital Smart City and Blue World City projects, widely marketed by Sky Marketing are proof of successful investments and maximum profit.